MW3 Strike Packages Killstreaks

Assault Strike Package / Killstreaks

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UAV (3 kills)

UAV assault strike package killstreakUAV assault strike package reveals opponents about the map.





Care Package (4 kills)

Care Package Assault Strike package killstreakPackage will be dropped towards the battleground and possesses a random killstreak or just ammunition.





I.M.S. (5 kills)

I.M.S. Strike package

The actual Intelligent Munitions System will be instantly prompted after an opponent gets closer . It offers Four anti-personnel grenades which blow up in mid-air.





Predator Missile (5 kills)

Predator Missile killstreak strike package

Permits you to radio control a single Predator Missile to the grou


Sentry Gun (5 kills)

Sentry Gun strike package killstreak

Airdrops the  Sentry  in which immediately assaults opponents.

Precision Airstrike (6 kills)

Precision Airstrike strike package killstreak

Will let you contact the directional airstrike.




 Attack Helicopter (7 kills)

Attack Helicopter strike package killstreak

Dial in Assault Heli-copter which travels across the map as well as assaults opponents for some time.

Strafe Run (9 kills)

Strafe Run Strike Package Killstreak

Calls in 5 choppers to comb the actual suggested region using enormous firepower..


Little Big Guard (9 kills)

Little Big Guard strike package killstreak

Large Guard flies around and supplies individual defense following you and also targeting opponents.

Reaper (9 kills)

Reaper killstreak pacakge strike

Control your Reaper-UAV and also hammer enemy infantry using a onslaught of missles.

Assault Drone (10 kills)

Assault Drone strike package killstreak

Airdrops the Attack Drone which you can command.





AC130 (12 kills)

AC130 strike package killstreak

Operate the actual weapon of the AC130 for just a limited time.


Pave Low (12 kills)

Pave Low strike package killstreak

Seriously armored attack chopper which assaults opponents.





Juggernaut (15 kills)

Juggernaut strike package killstreak

Obtain the Juggernaut suit, built with the actual M60E4 LMG as well as MP412 handgun. Reduces movability, yet allows you to be increasingly resistant against injury.





Osprey Gunner (17 kills)

Osprey Gunner strike package killstreak

Function as the gunner of the Osprey in which lowers Care Packages to help team.






Support Strike Packages

 UAV (4 kills)

UAV assault strike package killstreak

Displays opponents around the map.





Counter UAV (5 kills)

counter-uav-support-strike-packageMomentarily hinders opponent radar.




Ballistic Vests (5 kills)

ballistic-vests-support-strike-packageDrop the container to the ground in which provides the team with Ballistic Vests. Each and every team mate which chooses one  receives improved armor as well as damage prevention.




Airdrop Trap (5 kills)

airdrop-trap-support-strike-packageCare Package which blows up when the opponent attempts to take it’s items.




SAM Turret (8 kills)

sam-turret-support-strike-packageRight after implementing, your SAM Turret it immediately assaults opponent air support.




Recon Drone (10 kills)

recon-drone-support-strike-package killstreakControlled UAV heli-copter. Utilize it in order to indicate opponents so that your team can easily see all of them.




Advanced UAV (12 kills)

advanced-uav-support-strike-package killstreakUnveils both placement of the opponent in addition to the direction they are really facing for that quick time period.




Remote Turret (12 kills)

remote-turret-support-strike-package killstreakUtilize as well as personally control a Remote Turret. You’ll be able to go in and out  turret view anytime, and in addition re-deploy your turret whenever you want.




Stealth Bomber (14 kills)

stealth-bomber-support-strike-package killstreakCarpet bombs the chosen location. Undetected as well as cannot possibly be shot down from the opposing forces.




EMP (18 kills)

emp-support-strike-package killstreakBriefly hinders opponent technology.




Juggernaut Recon (18 kills)

juggernaut-recon-support-strike-packageAcquire this Juggernaut armor, designed with a USP .45 pistol along with a Riot Shield. Decreases ability to move, yet enables you to provide far more prevention of injuiry.




Escort Airdrop (18 kills)

An AI controlled version of the Osprey Gunner killstreak. It drops Care Packages and also defends them


Specialist Strike Packages


– Perk (2 kills)

Selected perk is activated.

– Perk (4 kills)

Selected perk is activated.

– Perk (6 kills)

Selected perk is activated.

All Perks (8 kills)

– All 15 perks are activated.