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  1. can you put the thing u put in the console because i cant read it

  2. Matheo Privat

    plz open menu.

  3. How high is the chance of a vac ban tho?

  4. es funkt ned aim udn dann knife das klappt ned

  5. Filip Fridberg

    Can't go online, just says "waiting for better host"

  6. Only offline ?

  7. Crazy_ CoMMander

    Very cool menu but you can add more stuff, i love so much the rainbow background tho 😍

  8. TrueToMyGrave

    When will Project Black Ops V4 be release?

  9. Justin Richly

    I cant Play online he search unlimited time

  10. Justin Richly

    How do i can Open the mod menu

  11. LMAO i was actually playing with the creator of the menu! I was that retard using aesir lol

  12. man you are doing a great job!
    but could you add more options? i belive in you, there are a ton of options that you could add.
    subbed and keep up the great work

  13. Mw2……. I want a new mod menu on mw2 ; ). This mod menu was great aswell so follow your way my friend <3

  14. yo dude came here to tell u there is a bug in ur menu when i put unlimited game + xp 40000 and pp try to get kills it says network connecion failed soo please fix it

  15. it would be the best bc when i mod pp leave everytime soo please please add antileave

  16. Put anti leave in it please !!

  17. include this in your menu
    misc_anti_leave 1

  18. Yo, sorry about the video I made and u hated on it. IL add u in the Desc. but cool vid, and I liked!

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