MW3 Perks List

Modern Warfare 3 | MW3  Perks List

The actual Modern Warfare 3 multi-player perks provide you with a selection of distinct advancements, however, you are only able to select 3 perks for each class. The Specialist Strike Pack enables you to select 3 additional perks for your personal class, to get a total of 6 perks. You can find a total of Fifteen perks which are split up into Three slots.

The MW3   perks process functions much the same way as it performed within Mw2 as well as Black Operations; you uncover the actual pro versions by simply performing their particular  challenges.

Below are a list of perks and what each one has in store for you.

Perk Slot 1

Recon / Recon Pro


Explosive damage marks player in radar.

Pro Version: Bullet injury marks player upon radar.

Sleight Of Hand / Sleight Of Hand Pro

Sleight Of Hand

Load your own weapon quicker.

Pro Version: Change your current weapons quicker.

Blind Eye / Blind Eye Pro

Blind Eye

Enemy air assistance and sentry cannot identify you.

Pro Version: Quicker launcher lock and additional damage versus. opponent air support.

Extreme Conditioning / Extreme Conditioning Pro

Extreme Conditioning

Enables you to run longer.

Pro Version: Climb up obstructions quicker.

Scavenger / Scavenger Pro


Replenishes your current ammo whenever you walk over scavenger totes which were dropped by competitors once they die.

Pro Version: Additional  magazines upon start.


Perk Slot 2


Quickdraw / Quickdraw Pro


Will let you target along the sight quicker.

Pro Version: Utilize equipment as well as grenades quicker.

Blast Shield / Blast Shield Pro

Blast Shield

Significantly decreases explosive injury.

Pro Version: Making you immune to Stun in addition to Flash Grenades.

Hardline / Hardline Pro


Reduces the amount of kills required for killstreaks by one.

Pro Ability: Two assists add one kill towards your next killstreak. Deathstreaks require one less death.

Assassin / Assassin Pro

Sleight Of Hand

Decreases the quantity of kills necessary for killstreaks by 1.

Pro Version: 2 assists increase 1 kill toward your following killstreak. Deathstreaks require 1 fewer death.

Overkill / Overkill Pro


Carry 2 main weapons.

Pro Version: Your own Second main weapon will be equipped with Two attachments.


Perk Slot 3


Marksman / Marksman Pro


Enables you to recognize opponents coming from further away.

Pro Version: Hold ones breath  extended whenever steadying the weapons scope.

Stalker / Stalker Pro


Quicker movements when looking along the sight.

Pro Version: Slow downs detection of opponent Claymores.

Sitrep / Sitrep Pro


Shows opponent explosives as well as Tactical Insertions.

Pro Version: Will make opponent footsteps more noticable.

Steady Aim / Steady Aim Pro

Steady Aim

Improves hip-fire precision.

Pro Version: Enables you to target along the sight quicker right after sprinting.

Dead Silence / Dead Silence Pro

Dead Silence

Enables you to be silent.

Pro Version: You never get any kind of damage by falling.