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  1. Does it work for ps4

  2. Saved me so much money!

  3. Killer Elite crew112

    hello this ps4 not unfortunately, no matter how I tried, I did not succeed.:(:(

  4. i keep doing it it keep doing the Dorito one and it wont send me a email
    plz help

  5. Some one please do 13k for me username PartWolf123 on PS4

  6. guys where is the linke

  7. who else came from reddit?? 😉 thx btw, hope this works for some time

  8. What's country works ?

  9. i have made smurf to do this and it workk! can you answer me man can I use this with my main account also? 😎

  10. Scarecr0w_of_waz strawpies

    Didn't work the first time, but thanks!

  11. I had some problems with this. The first time I tried, I completed all three verifications, but nothing happened. Came back again today, and it worked after my second attempt

  12. That1GreekBoi

    At the verification page it just takes me to links to fill in my email & other information and do surveys and not my phone number. Can you help?

  13. Elemental Gamers

    Good job my friend! Cya on the subreddit!

  14. Radioactive Alex

    whenever i go to human verification site its says missing parameters. whats wrong??

  15. MeIchizedek Hodes

    I just keep generaten

  16. Do for me? 13k CoD Points username rabadens32

  17. This music is lit

  18. - K R O N O X U S -

    ez pz lemon squeezy!

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