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  1. Natalie Nathan

    GRaf gang for life

  2. Can anyone plz subscribe to my channel

  3. 0:10 Fe4RLess Name Reveal

  4. badlegend badlegend

    Can i joim in clan

  5. It's called gungame torture

  6. jamar henderson

    hafaze do you

  7. I like the where was he but it shows where the rocket goes

  8. 0:02 THIS WILL BE MLG

  9. Why wont you say wtfuck

  10. Kermit The Frog


  11. On every cod game I have graf

  12. Emilio Mendoza

    is he actually in faze

  13. Love your vids so much

  14. I have 3k kills with the brecci

  15. Faze ferlisha

  16. Graf gang for life

  17. Durrell Jackson


  18. What’s the song he put at the beginning

  19. “Are you standing on my dearest Debra?”
    -Fe4rless sub, 2017

  20. “Get Fearless,he’s on the freaking whatever” great callouts kid

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