Ever thought if there’s a great quicker approach to get forward? We Launching the cool kewordas cheat Tool! This excellent different cheat application is the best solution to dominate this game. Do not find it difficult to conquer your enemy once more use the hack.A BO 3 Cheat right now performs on every latest controllers including Playstation 3 slim, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, along with Notebook computer! So like call of duty black ops 1 mod menu


  1. Don't Work i have dicital Version 🙁

  2. Good vid keep up the good work 😀

  3. ThatBloodyGamer

    Yoooo sexy man uploading again on the OG Bo1, played it yesterday on zombies #MyOwnModsXD

  4. Eye of The Beholder

    So easy, the only thing I need is a computer, a USB, WiFi and the fact that I'm not amish

  5. Hoooomay gaaadd ty for this now i can finally be a dank cfg modder

  6. i cant add my backup ill have to send u a video tutorial on instagram cos norton wont let me fix it

  7. VexaMemez modding

    I knew you would be able to find it out

  8. Bo2 multi would be better. Without jb for ps3 bles. Thnx 8)

  9. OFW\Moddding//Tutorials


  10. You need ps3 jailbroken?

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