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  1. Jason Martinez

    Is there still ppl in ps3

  2. Bernkillededdie

    The giant glitch has been patched for years so idk if these actually work

  3. How do you jump and slam your sword? ? I mean I can jump but what button do you press to slam your sword

  4. Disliked and most certainly won't subscribe

  5. zombies on this game is dead asf

  6. Does the kino one still work the one under the stairs

  7. Rev unlimited turet is patched

  8. yatsi valverde


  9. Does the one in the giant still work the one that the zombie pushes you under the map?

  10. The ray gun glitch on shadows is patched.

  11. Love your vids

  12. Black ops 4 ?

  13. Any of these working inv me if u wanna play and try some glitches on Xbox one > Ryansonline 😎

  14. Jackcodplayer Gaming


  15. Nicholas Kemmerer


  16. Nicholas Kemmerer

    H8 your background songs

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