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  1. panos_modz gr

    Fuck you it is still cider i hope you get bann and you

  2. hi! is there a free mod menu for multiplayer wit antiban? if so, where can i find it? (im on pc btw)

  3. dose it it still work for 4.81 dex

  4. Nikemodz gaming

    how open ??

  5. Steven wright

    where can i buy a legit menu for bo3 dex ps3

  6. hey julius had a question bro ..if you could help me out ??been trying to find a tool or non host for b03 accounts that will permantley mod the stats you have a tool to recommend this has the anti ban as well as allowing the stats to stick to the account im modding ?? as always nice video and keep up the good work love the content bro !! thanks

  7. x CretovaMods x

    JMT intro song?

  8. Don’t download lol the eboot is not anti banned lmao it sucks you’ll get banned the first day I learned the hard way lol don’t download this menu at all get a different one plus this isn’t even that good theirs why better ones out there like iModz engine v2 is a good one

  9. steven schohl

    my ps3 just got permanently banned from playing Black Ops 3

  10. Ernesto Merino

    what keys you press to open mod menu?

  11. yo where can i get a real antiban for this game please n thanks

  12. I got ban in 30 minutes for using this menu.

  13. Sergio Alvarezs

    would this menu let you get ban on bo3

  14. 4:08 he tried to do a glitch

  15. Give credits at StankyModz, Its his menu "Retro Client" ! Retro Engine what a joke 😂

  16. guys that are ofw if no one has told u this but any game that came out after mw2 you can not mod there is no backup or anything gta 5 u can but u cant go online with any people so dont think this is a backup u need a jailbreak. but if u think usb mods actually work for any game above mw2 it doesnt an if u see a vid on it saying usb mods its fake

  17. How to put the mods on your JAILBROKEN PS3:

    1st. Open multiman
    2nd.Go to file manager on the far right
    3d. Open PS3 root.
    4th. Plug in your usb usb000
    6th.Press PS3 root again usb0 tmp
    9th. Put the sprx file in there. the game FILE.*just the lower case one. YOUR region. USRDIR
    13th.put the EBOOT.BIN in there.
    Open the game your trying to mod,and enjoy your mods. Thank me later (likes)

  18. tsmithisbeast2

    bro i need help i get error code every time i start bo3 on 4.81 rebug dex

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