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  1. Anti social social club

  2. just subbed bro AWESOME CONTENT😉

  3. ooh your friends with mzpv.

  4. I see u with that 44 more reference.

  5. First video I watch u kinda cool

  6. 9 games you must be board

  7. Vekays iTs my dusty5505 Rlly Leave Vekays wanna be Flamble nija Said THAT

  8. That fingering a girl joke….he stole it from nudah

  9. I thought that I was the only one who knew that glitch.

  10. Those trick shots so stank

  11. I’m breakig my nose lmao

  12. The person who’s gamemode you used is so annoying tbh his name is mzpv he is a pm need who sets up ootm shots

  13. bnvy you actually stole a line from nudah. you've lost respect

  14. U know u can switch teams and cancel out the classes then go back to the classes then select one then switch back for guns u do t have if ur not host.

    Great vid btw❤️

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