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  2. My friend calls the brecci broccoli 🥦

  3. brecci is the obsidian steed of bo3

  4. iTropicaL L3ave

    What is the bresshi I know the brekki

  5. The Brecci is freaking OP. It takes no skill to use this weapon well.

  6. Crazy Killjoy 2.0

    Why does no one use laser sight?

  7. I NEED stock on EVERY weapon I use, it is a hard crutch. I strafe to contantly

  8. Is it pronounced breeshy Brechy or breky I know they are spelled wrong but these are the ways people pronounce them

  9. "I hope I see some brecci's next time I go online" HA!

  10. Blast Suppressor is ultimately useless. Unless you are going against a pro-level clan, NO ONE is listening or cares. Very rarely am I exposed due to sound.

  11. um for me
    primary man o war
    attachments quick draw,fastmags,extended mags,grip and rapid fire

  12. Asus PRIME Z370-A

    But boosting is illegal

  13. When are you going to do another one of these?

  14. dan.and.his.arts

    Haymaker, QuickDraw, grip, stock, fast hands, gung Ho, extended mags, flash bang

  15. Unsubscribed because you used the brecci.

  16. He said it's copyrighted so you can't change it lol

  17. +Drift0r For a Modern Warfare 3 class, I call it, the MW2,
    Primary:UMP45, Silencer, Range
    Secondary: Overkill SPAS 12, extended mag, Damage.
    Perk 1: Sleight of Hand
    Perk 2: Overkill (preferablly pro so you can put an attachment on the spas 12)
    Perk 3: Steady Aim, so you can hip fire the shotgun, or get ready faster to use the UMP
    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactical: Stun Grenade
    Death and point streak is up to you.

  18. man o war x krm 262 overkill class
    man o war – rapid fire, extended mags
    krm 262
    semtex, concussion
    sixth sense, fast hands, blast supressor
    use with kinetic armour for tdm

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