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  1. anyone got a link to the BO3 1.26 EU CUSA02624 update pkg? cant find it anywhere im still using 1.23 on 5.05

  2. Nawf SideYoungan

    When it’s released will it work on any version

  3. Isaac Duarte

    When u realeasing it. The mods id love to troll my friends. Theyd be so so mad haha.

  4. Itz_yeboi YT

    How u get mods

  5. UnderSize Fob

    Hey man how can u draw text/options to the console without a file????!!!! Im talking about the coding part. Thanks!! 🙂

  6. Bro can you pass me The 1.23 update pls? I have 4.05

  7. ITzClipz MODDING

    Nice work as always

  8. Why for the 1.26? I find nowhere a download for the update and for the DLC, s? Does one know where to download the DLC, s?

  9. Nice bro love it❤️

  10. Is it out yet?

  11. Thats so f*cking cool

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