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  1. Since my editing program wants to be stupid , the first like 40-60 seconds or somewhere around there the audio got cut off so I’ll just simply explain here, you just literally load up Bo2 zombies and go to leaderboards*, go to *kills then change filter from friends to *all*. The rest of audio is still there but figured I should have an explanation on that lol

  2. It does not work

  3. Daysleeper 111224

    It completely works

  4. Hey men didn t work could you help me?

  5. chey&kyi sometimes

    I did it three times it didn't work either of thos times !!

  6. Works perfectly fine, good vid

  7. Does this still work?

  8. I CAN'T USE IT =(

  9. Sledge Hammer456

    Is there a way to make it so you don’t have to watch the videos every time


    Watch the last one only and it gives a different menu

  11. Stop fucking using infection shitbags get a jailbroken console

  12. Does this work for ps3???

  13. your amazing dude thankyou so much

  14. i joined a zombies game and all of a sudden i got mods and perks

  15. Don't do this ever it's a virus made to troll

  16. Ty so much honestly I can’t thank you enough ❤️❤️

  17. gavin mcclanahan

    it did not work

  18. Why to do none of these menus for zombies or online work for 360?

  19. Can you change map? And if so, how?

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